A periodic newsletter can do miracles for your profitability.
With a newsletter developed by us you will look professional.


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The advantages of a newsletter

Besides having a website, you can also send out newsletters to your (potential) customers. The sending of a newsletter almost always increases your profit and has some important benefits for you, which we will explain on this page.

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Your newsletter always arrived "on the right desk". With traditional snail mail a letter can easily disappear somewhere between the mailman and the customer, or it simply finds it's way to the wrong department. The digital newsletter has a very important advantage: your newsletter will always arrive in the mailbox of your reader.


No printing costs and no postage, so it's cheaper and more efficient than snail mail. But keep in mind, for a newsletter content, focus and design is important. These element need time, effort, knowledge of the field and enthusiasm. By planning well and defining the goals of your newsletter beforehand, you'll win a lot.

Fast & current

The creation of a digital newsletter can be fast, the production time is not comparable to traditional paper. A newsletter is also current, because after only one push of a button your newsletter can be in thousands of mailboxes.


In combination with a website by Sologic Media you can easily target specific groups. For example, you can make a distinction between groups that like product A, and groups that have a preference for product B, and approach both groups with a different custom made offer. In this way your profit will increase, because the message you send is always relevant.


The design is flexible. Of course your existing design is the base. For specific target demographics and/or offers the design can be easily adjusted. Only when you are a 100% satisfied of the end-product we will send the newsletter to your subscribers.

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